Electronic resources selected from Amnesty International Publications
This collection of online resources is a selection of Amnesty International publications, Arabic and English downloadable resources (not all resources are available in both languages). These resources focus on human rights education and training and/or guidelines in addition to selected global campaigns relevant materials. You can browse this collection; use a simple search or an advanced search to retrieve best results.

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http://amnestymena.org/Images/Resources/POL34/pol340012014.jpg Human Rights for human dignity: a primer on economic, social and cultural right's

This second edition has been comprehensively updated and reflects many of the significant developments in advancing economic, social and cultural rights that have taken place since the first edition w...
http://amnestymena.org/Images/Resources/ACT35/ACT350052012en.jpg Respect my Rights, Respect my Dignity- Module 2: Housing is a Human Right

This is the second of a series of educational modules produced as part of Amnesty International’s "Respect my Rights, Respect my Dignity" Education for Human Dignity Resource Pack. Each module explore...

Useful Resources and Websites on the Internet
This section includes information and links to a range of electronic resources available on the Internet, as well as websites rich in resources related to human rights education and capacity building.
The handbook provides operational guidance and tools to support effective protection responses in situations of internal displacement. Specifically, the Handbook seeks to:  ensure staff members ar...
Publisher: Global Protection Cluster Working Group
Year: 2010
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This Handbook presents information and practical guidance for officials working on housing and property restitution questions on how to most effectively promote the right of refugees and internally ...
Publisher: Norwegian Refugees Council and UN agencies
Year: 2007
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