The Right to Freedom of Expression

This short course will equip you with the knowledge to understand and claim your right to freedom of expression, and the skills and confidence to take action to defend it.

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Introduction to Human Rights

This course aims to provide you with a better understanding of the human rights system and empowers you to promote human rights.

Human rights activism

This is the 20th issue of Mawared. The issue focuses on human rights activism.

Electronic Resources - Amnesty International A Series of Human Rights Education Workshops has been extracted from the online resource as a portable and practical tool youth activists can carry with them, adapt and use when working with other you...
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Electronic Resources on the Web
The Housing booklet assists NGOs and CBOs to monitor laws and policies around housing and shelter, to monitor evictions, and slum upgrading projects.

Publisher: Amnesty International- Netherlands
Year: 2010
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  1. Te damos la bienvenida

    A la Academia de Derechos Humanos de Amnistía Internacional

    (Última actualización de mayo de 2017)

     Los presentes términos y condiciones (“condiciones”) son de aplicación a todos los servicios (contenido, cursos, materiales) de la Academia de Amnistía Internacional (“Academia de Amnistía”) en los ...

  2. Bienvenue à l'Académie des droits humains d’Amnesty International

    (Dernière mise à jour, mai 2017)

     Les présentes Conditions générales d’utilisation concernent tous les services (contenu, cours, matériel, etc.) de l'Académie des droits humains d'Amnesty International (« Académie d'Amnesty ») sur les espaces Internet d'Amnesty International partout dans le monde.

     Elles sont à lire en association ...

  3. Uniting against Torture

    I dream to empower people everywhere to stand up against torture: To have the courage, the freedom and the knowledge to stop the use of it. From the very start, my biggest motivation as an activist has been activists from MENA: You risk ...

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This is the 22th issue of Mawared, the human rights education magazine published by Amnesty International’s Regional Office for the Middle East and North Africa in Beirut. This issue focuses on stopping torture and provides a wealth of relevant resources on the topic.

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